olsob monkey watching

Monkey Watching Tour in Oslob

Meanwhile in Oslob, a new tourist attraction (monkey watching tour) is on the rise. Somewhere in a hillside in Sitio Bulak in Baranggay Hagdan in Oslob a group of naughty and playful wild monkeys has settled in the place. It has already attracted visitors close to 4,000 within the month.

oslob monkey watching


The place is a good alternative tourist attraction aside from the encounter of the great whale sharks. The group of monkeys are now labeled as “Encounter of the Unggoy’s in Oslob”.

A monkey-watching tour has been organized by a group named as Hagdan Oslob Monkey Protectors and Farmers Association(HOMPFA). However, the Deparment of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) officials, have planned to investigate the site to determine if the organization handling the monkey-watching tour has conducted it’s own environmental impact study on the monkeys relationship and life in the mix with humans.

The HOMPFA has released a statement that they are opening the site ground to tourists due to growing interest to see and to interact with the wild monkeys.

oslob monkey watching

Tourists who wants to avail of the tour has to pay P50 for a kilo Bananas which they are allowed to ffed the animals. The monkeys can be spotted in the area mostly around 6:00am (about 15 meters from the national road). Then around 10:00 am they will move closer to the highway, most of them seeking for food and anything to tinker with. Then around noon they start to go back to the trees to rest. There are two big trees where the monkeys are taking shelter which is located at Sitio Upper Bulak.

Presently, fences are being setup to prevent the monkeys from descending further in the highways.

oslob monkey watching

Though considered by most farmers in the area as pests. The monkeys have slowly accustomed to their new habitat and to mixing with people.

For more information : https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1780842


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